a comprehensive documentation management system

EasyArchiv/EasyPLM is a system for supporting the product life cycle, from managing design and production data to supporting the processes of all company departments.

Both EasyArchiv and EasyPLM are the same tool, just in different configurations.

  • EasyArchive ensures safe storage and management of documents, with open and user-friendly access to archived documents and with the possibility of modifying the basic solution according to user requirements.

  • EasyPLM is an extension of the EasyArchiv system providing comprehensive management of the product life cycle (including management of items, BOMs, technology, projects, workflow processes and ERP integration) as well as related documents and other information.

The system can manage any documentation/items/technological procedures/operations/tools and/or other objects with related processes (workflow) within the entire company, practically without restrictions.

EasyPLM can be integrated with a number of information systems and other SW tools used in the company, and it is possible to adapt it to work processes according to the current and future needs and requirements of users.

Benefits for users / society

Business, technical and production documentation in order, with current data.

All documentation stored in a secure storage, always accessible only to authorized persons.

Product and technological data clearly managed with a link to documentation and ERP data.

Approval processes and change/revision procedures under control with notifications.

Reduction of errors in documents and intra-company communication.

Reducing labor and enabling cooperation in the creation of design and production documentation and the transfer of information.

Overview of the current status of projects.

Automation of repetitive activities.

Basic functions of the EasyPLM system

  • Documentation management,
  • TPV (items, parts lists, technological procedures),
  • change management,
  • workflow (process management with graphic interface),
  • viewing and annotating files,
  • project management,
  • integration of ERP, CAD/CAM/CAE, CRM, MS Office, Outlook, ..,
  • archiving and backup,
  • managerial outputs,
  • classification, sorting,
  • support for multiple user locations.

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If the system is configured as a PLM solution, the management of product information is ensured from its conception to product maintenance. In other words, the complete product life cycle is supported and managed.

Beyond the limits of possibilities with Easy products

EasyArchiv/EasyPLM can be extended with an ERP system EasyTechnology, for production planning and control and to create the company's comprehensive information system, which then covers the entire TPV area through planning and production management to changes and service interventions on a specific product.

Another follow-on system is EasySCM – a portal for efficient data exchange with suppliers and customers, details on request.

Proven in practice

Currently using EasyArchive/EasyPLM a number of companies from various fields - a brief list of them, including the characteristics of the solution, can be found on the page references.

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