We are an independent system integrator of complex solutions

TD-IS, s.r.o. has been a supplier of IT solutions for supporting processes in manufacturing companies for more than 20 years - development, production, logistics, service, finance, quality.

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TD-IS managed to realize a considerable amount during its time on the market ERP/PLM/DMS projects and became the leading supplier of PLM/DMS solutions in the region. Our activities, in addition to key deliveries of ERP/PLM/DMS solutions, we provide archiving and backup solutions and software and hardware infrastructure. In addition to information systems, we also supply and train Cax products from Autodesk.

"We measure our success by the success of our customers!"

The solutions are based on our own software development – EasyArchive/EasyPLM (Product Lifecycle Management) a EasyTechnology (Enterprise Resource Planning). But also on the products of global manufacturers Oracle and Autodesk.

We hold many certification and accreditation.

Among more than 500 customers it includes leading global manufacturers, but also small and medium-sized companies throughout the Czech Republic.

Subsidiary AirGas s.r.o is dedicated to the distribution of fluid systems.



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