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The EasyTechnology ERP system for production management and planning is mainly used in engineering, plastic, metal manufacturing companies or tool shops, as well as in other areas of business where it is necessary to manage piece, small-batch or serial production, or all three types of production at the same time. Wide configurability predisposes the EasyTechnology system to deployment in both small, medium and large companies.

Features of EasyTechnology

enable activities that cover all areas of production planning and management - business operations to be processed within one system. The individual modules of the EasyTechnology system capture the entire production cycle from receiving the customer's request, through the preparation of the offer, using saved product or service calculations, reporting of work performed on the order and material tracking, to inspection, dispatch and invoicing. Simple management of the entire business and production cycle and other company processes.

What do you get by implementing EasyTechnology?

  • Comprehensive information about the entire business cycle from supply and demand through design/construction, planning to production, shipping and feedback.
  • Management of customers, suppliers and partners.
  • Production planning (commercial and technological).
  • Optimal use of resources such as machine capacities, human resources, material, in a timeline.
  • Monitoring the progress of orders.
  • Technology for production management, warehouses, logistics, cooperation, attendance.
  • Management of warehouses, storage locations, including consignment warehouses.
  • Connection to modern automated storage systems.
  • Management of tools, gauges and machines/workplaces incl. their workload and costs.
  • Life cycle management of all types of documents, components, technological procedures and operations.
  • Safe storage of documents in the basic version of EasyArchiv.
  • Integration with any accounting/economic system.

Main advantages of EasyTechnology

  • the possibility of customizing the system according to the customer's wishes
  • simple control
  • meeting requirements for certification according to ISO 9001
  • further processing of outputs generated in MS Word, Excel
  • Web interface
  • multilingual work environment
  • possibility of direct two-way connection with Autodesk CAD/CAM systems


Do you need to effectively plan the production of orders into the existing production plan, in such a way that the capacity of the production equipment and workplaces can be used to the maximum?  The planning module allows you to do this.

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